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Well at first i take a lot of weird pictures as usual ..i just learned how to do make up and need to keep a memory of my youth (damn im a creep im a weirdo) but i accidentally take a pic with that poster, and it reminds me of snsd (AGAIN) 😒😒😒 plus i have a lot of facial expression that i feel bad to keep it by myself (what the..) well…this is what i learned so far from jessica and snsd and damn sm entertaiment… #brokenenglish #brokengrammar #staystrongSONE #staystrongSNSD #screwkpophaters – View on Path.

Listening to κ·ΈλŒ€λΌλŠ” ν•œ μ‚¬λžŒ the one like you by Jessica

Is this what love is?
Does it hurt the more you do it?
The more I get closer to you
My feelings grow bigger
It scares me

Such a precious person to me
That person, who won’t ever come again

My heart can’t let you go

The only thing I can do is cry but
Like a fool, I am waiting..
Please come to me now
Come to me just like this

My last wish is that one person, you… – Preview it on Path.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CUTIE PIE BICHI SIBARANI 😚😚😚 semoga makin jaya makmur sejahtera bersih indah penuh kenangan 😚😚😚 semoga sukses cepat lulus kuliah sastra arab di up 😚😚 semoga lopanjang umur sehat selalu supaya pertemanan shitty kita selalu terkenang di relung hati lo yang paling dalam 😚😚😚 God bless you YEMIMA MARCYA SIBARANI CUTIE PIE πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

PS: bcs wishing you a happy birthday at 00:00 is too mainstream

PPS: ntar gue kasih kado…sticker line yang berbayar..kasian lo harus bertahan hidup di era kemasakinian ini dg stickerline gratisan .. perih hati gue

PPPS: my gaaaddhhhhh

PPPPS : kayaknya gue salah meme with Yemima – View on Path.

Gue gak ngerti lagi man otaknya bichi sibarani ini udah di laletin apa gimana dari jutaan nama panggilan cuma ini doang nama terindah yg pernah gue denger “saripati buah manggis” semoga Tuhan selalu memberkati perjalan hidup lo yang penuh samfah2 berserakan semfak2 berterbangan dan kulit2 manggis berjatuhan, aku bakal setia di sini nunggu di traktir hari rabu, gak nyambung ya ? Yaudah lah namanya juga saripati buah manggis ngerti apa dia ttg kehidupan yang fana ini, yang penting aku dan kamu selalu bersama menjalani kehidupan single 😘 with Yemima – View on Path.

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